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miya posting some pictures of our trip [Jun. 1st, 2005|03:46 pm]
[...how the heart hurts... |happyhappy]
[...a song in my head... |utada hikaru-with or without you]

This is currently Miya, just saying a friendly hello..and showing you some pictures of our trip in japan, before i buy another memory card for my digital camera.

Here is my uncle Yo, that is just what we call him:

Here is Yo's son:

Here is my korean daddy!:

Here is my mommy:

Here is Saki's mom:

Here is Saki, and i put pretty pictures and a border on it:

And here is Saki's boyfriend Derek:

Thanks Saki for letting me use your lj!

~ Miya

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oh so right [May. 6th, 2005|04:47 am]

Your Japanese Name Is...

Sakiko Nakamura

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my current leave [May. 6th, 2005|04:31 am]
[...how the heart hurts... |curiouscurious]
[...a song in my head... |Violent J-Bloody Bitch Dead]

you could say that I have been absent for some time, but with good reason, my new job has over plowed me with task, finals with school and keeping up with Derrick...which is my own issue and personal matter too...

Derrick pitys only to loathe is his own depression, and has no desire or passion to crawl out and trust people again, he is so obessed with dying in guilt and sadness that he as a human forgot the joys of love and happiness and only potrays affection behind some mask that means nothing, because underneath i see the lost boy within. I want to make him happy, but I cannot intrude. He clearly stated that he wants nothing but a mutal platonic relationship with me. Which hurts me in the end, but I cannot let my selfish needs be meet all the time, sometimes others feelings need to be taking into consideration.

But the whole mutal platonic thing came about after being sick, Miya spread her horrible disease to me, double bronchi of the lungs, and I was out sick for a long time, Derrick mended to me mostly and well lets say the results of me getting better was we kissed, and not some simple peck on the lips, we let the passion consume us and we practically is lazy terms made out, both of us overwhelmed we grew limp and fell asleep in each others arms. We awoke next to each other and after that our relationship grew odd and the platonic relationship has been issued and forced. All i know is while we were kissing, the smile I smiled was for real...

I have a new screen name: BlindEspionage

im me sometimes
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for chandler and kelley purposes [Mar. 9th, 2005|02:13 am]
I made a Quiz for you! Take my Quiz! and then Check out the Scoreboard!
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gross you out [Mar. 6th, 2005|08:40 am]
this may gross you out:


This one is beautiful: http://www.livejournal.com/community/bloody_boobies/
So is this one: http://www.livejournal.com/community/bloodsports/
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(no subject) [Feb. 22nd, 2005|03:54 pm]
Derrick is so sweet...he had to leave for work early today and he left like some dried yet dead roses...the fact of it was sweet...miya says i need to go for it...but i am not going to intrude on his life like that, just because i have a crush....i am not going to meddle into that, i know he hasnt been with anyone since Dane happened. and i am not ready to take part of that role. if anyone knows what i mean.
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my email to jayn [Feb. 22nd, 2005|03:41 am]
Look you need to learn what a opinion is, you cant react the way you did when your friends think your making a mistake, you can get mad, but you dont have to lash out the way you did, be the bigger person and dont let it bother you. if you really have faith in this love then in wouldnt bother you in the first place, and but dragging out this dumb war you have doubts. Jeka is your best friend, and you have always been there when she has had problems, and you would want her to do the same if it was you. If Jeka is making a mistake I am sure you would voice your opinion and at least let her know how you feel, and you would expect a true friend to do the same. She did and what do you do? Bash her for it. That is showing your a low friend, you dont do that too a friend who is only showing concern. So you are stupid, you all three are stupid.

You should of stepped up for Jeka, you should tell Gene not to insult her and not to take things like this out of hand, and you should also tell his friends to stay out of it, because his friends are only making matters worse and you can see that with your own two eyes.

The only way Gene and Jeka are going to make peace is if they truely understand one another, and right now they are no where near it! Gene made a stupid lame peace offering that has no backbone to it. How can he make peace with Jeka if he continues to insult her and have his friends insult her? There is no way peace can occur with that happening. You need to sit down with your man and tell him, " Hey we need to cut the crap, tell your friends to nose out of it and you stop insulting your friend." Because if his friends can nose in, Potter has every damn right to say his opinion on the matter too.

Jeka doesnt need to lash out to every comment he says but she does, why probably because no on is standing up for her? so she has to protect herself, and by her protecting herself its only going to make Gene bicker on and on and never ending this. And it will make Jeka hate him more and more. Do you want that? No you probably dont, so you as a friend need to protect Jeka, there is nothing wrong with setting a man straight and there is nothing wrong with telling him to shut his mouth. Because i reassure you, once he stops insulting Jeka she will stop.

Another thing is in order for Gene and Jeka to understand each other and make peace they need to see where each other are coming from and cant think there right and the other is wrong. Gene cant say " we will work out your wrong " because the only reason jeka would do all of this is if there is doubt. Gene needs to be like, " We appericate the concern and thank you for caring so much but you dont need to worry." That is how he should handled all of this. Jeka does not need to go about saying, " This is all one big mistake." She needs to go about it with, " I support your happiness I am just having some concern." That is how it needs to be done.

You also need to take in the consideration that everyone is warning you that your making bad decisions, and you need to listen to them when making your decisions, because your friends and family know what is best for you and they know more about you then Gene does, so listen to your heart when making decisions, make them with the knowledge of there concerns too. You dont have to rush into marriage and you dont have to rush into adulthood, your only 18, live a little before doing something so drastic, because what Jeka says your father said is right, " You dont know who your going to marry " he is right, you dont know, so dont announce to the world that you are, and dont allow Gene to do it either, because it all reality saying it will rush you only into making the mistakes everyone is warning you about. Take things one thing at a time, you need to worry more about where your heading in life before you settle down. Like what college you will attend and everything, save up for your dreams. Love waits for everyone, and I even agree with what your father says, " everyone needs love. " everyone does need love, but you can have love just the way you do now, so worry about what is really important right now, because child marriage is not one of them right now, you really need to figure out where your going in life before you figure out who your going to be with forever. You can do all of that and still have a serious relationship with a person. You understand.

And dont rant about this I need to learn to fly on my own bullshit. You dont even have wings yet. Your just entering the real world, you are slowly exiting the next, and your need your family and friends support to teach you to fly. Jumping into something your not prepared to do yet will only make you fall. Think about career options and get your standard of living first, once you have a plan then you are starting to learn to fly, and once you fly you can live life your own damn way.

You, Jeka and Gene are all still learning to fly, you are too young right now to think you can really fly. I will give Gene and Jeka some credit they have made more actions in a future then you, by starting college, but you have all the time in the world to figure out what you want. Dont rush yourself into mistakes. Love waits forever. You and Gene both need to see that.

Right now all three of you are acting childish, immature and stupid, and it shows with everything your doing right now, and by you all acting like this you have no right to even make adult decisions. Learn to deal and end this stupid war, because if it doesnt end now, you will have to choose between Jeka or Gene, and I can tell you this now. If you loose Gene you will break slightly and eventually heal, but if you loose Jeka, your going to break and never fix again, and I see that in your aura and her aura. Dont break because of something stupid like this, because once you break Gene cannot fix you, no one can, because there is something in you and Jeka's bond that is stronger then anything, its what you can say stronger then the bond you have with your real sister Abbey.

You need to fix this now.
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* cough cough * [Feb. 22nd, 2005|02:28 am]
I just got over a cold, it was sorta good i guess. Derrick made me chicken noodle soup everyday, and pretty much did everything for me. he is really sweet. and to everyone who wants to know. were not a couple. were just friends. were too great of friends to move on to other things.
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more videos [Feb. 17th, 2005|04:20 am]
lego rave: http://history.cookiethievery.com/040504/

anime rave: http://history.cookiethievery.com/041204/

dolphin sex: http://history.cookiethievery.com/041904/

crazy asian gurls: http://history.cookiethievery.com/050304/

video game: http://history.cookiethievery.com/051004/

fat man: http://history.cookiethievery.com/051704/

Rei from eva: http://history.cookiethievery.com/053104/

truth about cocanine: http://history.cookiethievery.com/060704/

monkey: http://history.cookiethievery.com/061404/

sexy star wars: http://history.cookiethievery.com/062804/

WTF????: http://history.cookiethievery.com/071204/
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To those who need help [Feb. 5th, 2005|02:50 pm]

Join  wetdreamspice

A real professional place that will help you with your love life problems.

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